Big Data Help with the Tourism Prosperity of the International Historic and Cultural City, Datong

The first city-level ancient city tourism big data index in the world was produced by combining the real-time information perception technology of the data era with the natural landscape and history-related resources of Datong, which is the "observatory" of the prosperity of Datong"s tourism as well as the "weather indicator" for building a world-leading all-for-one tourism city.

According to the data of the first quarter of 2018, the index has seen a wavelike rise since its first release in September 2017, indicating the favorable overall strength of the tourism industry of Datong. Especially, the number of domestic and foreign tourists received by Datong during major holidays is soaring rapidly, which shows the perfect tourism service capacity of Datong at present.

The open city environment results in the significant increase of international tourists to Datong, most of whom are highly satisfied with the hotel service and scenic area service. "Datong Garden Hotel" has become a word-of-mouth excellent hotel among the global tourists.

Datong was a typical city of coal energy in the past. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Datong has been constantly enhancing pollution control and developing clean coal technology and new energy technology. The air quality of Datong has maintained No. 1 in Shanxi Province for five years in a row, which has shown its resolution to perfect its ecological construction to the world. The image of Datong has turned from the "black coal" to the "blue sky".

Meanwhile, Datong is one of the first batch of 24 famous historic and cultural cities issued by China, with world-famous cultural tourism resources that once rivaled the ancient Rome. The ecological civilization construction of the ancient city of Datong has been progressing with each passing day. The world historic and cultural heritages of Yungang Grottoes, Hengshan Mountain, and the Hanging Temple are the "business cards" of Datong to the world; relying on the heritages like the earthy great wall and fortresses of the Ming Dynasty, Datong has built the unique frontier fortress tourism brand -- the Changcheng I National Scenic Drive; the natural resources of volcanic clusters and soil forests of Datong are magnificent; and all the cultural events like the Spring Festival ancient city lantern show, the riding tour, and the marathon are distinctive tourism brands of Datong that attract the global tourists.

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